How website design improves user experience (2020)?

Why does your business require a website at all?

Having a website has proven to boost the majority of businesses because of reasons undeniable to many. It helps overcome the geographical difference which attracts more customer, in turn, helps the business make more money.

Due to the availability of your website for 24/7/365, it gives your business instant credibility to your business, the underlying fact is that, people trust what they see. If your website design represents every ounce of the originality of your business, it will surely reach a fair amount of customers and potential customers .

The likeliness of the situation mostly lies in being cost-effective. Websites aren’t as costly as you think they are, they are much more cost-effective than traditional methods of marketing. Websites offer you a better return or investment than any form of advertising. That is where you realise website development is crucial for your business.

Lastly, having a website will mostly, save your time and effort. All your trading mails and tallies will be confined to one sector and will cater to the common needs of certain customers.

Why look elsewhere when you can get all these under one roof.

UNIBASK  is here to sort all your worries. We are a web designing and website development agency based in Kolkata, just one click away from taking the burden of all your website related queries and worries.

Here are some ways you could improve user experience on your website and how you could indulge yourself into website development.

Every page needs a clear call to action

Most of the times the call of action is something that is left behind, when we think about the bigger picture but that is a common mistake that effects the website as a whole.

Every single page of your website needs at least one clear, compelling call to action — i.e., a link, form, or button that helps users take the next step. It could be as simple as linking your services page to your homepage.

This is a part of the design process that should be thought about critically instead of being neglected in the forefront. Some pages are more suited to the distinct call of action and that should be looked into well enough to retaliate on upping user experience game.

You can use an option to subscribe to your blog or newsletter

You can also add a link to your contact page with a form for the user to fill out

Or you could add a link to the related blog posts throughout (and at the end of) a blog post

The ultimate goal is to not keep the visitors of your website at bay. There should never be confusion or vagueness when you intend on providing information to your customers.

The clarity with your page will make or break your business and not less than 36% of websites put a blind eye to it. That is where they fail to diverge customers or visitors.

Choose colors and fonts that are easy to read for website design.

These are options you do not need to scratch your heads for, this is our cue to jump in. Website development agencies like us at UNIBASK are dedicated to. We would choose the right font, color, size, and everything that is compatible for interactive responsive websites that help in making sure that the traffic flocks towards your website.

Incidentally, we often see a correlation between these elements and bounce rates — the harder it is for your visitors to make out what your page says, the more likely they are to back out of it.

Check out our blog on the impactful website.

For colors, we always aim for a good contrast. There’s a reason that most word processors have a white background and black text — it’s simple, clean, and always easy to read. But most websites aren’t just black and white, so there has to be a way out. We, at UNIBASK, do our best to make it one of the most appreciated user experiences of all time. Website development and website designing is done by experts here and that will help in upping your website game against your competitors.

Supposedly the contrast works in a way where we use lighter colors on darker backgrounds and the other way around, this helps in easy reading without tackiness.

The next move is choosing fonts for your website. Keeping in mind the comforting nature of websites and how reading thoroughly engages us more than squinting and uncomfortable reading, simple, elegant, and easy to read is the best option, though it is undoubtedly easy to swing towards choosing something that stands out, or is different but the practical implications are bizarre.

Elements that slow down your site pull you down.

If a page has a high bounce rate, there’s also a good chance that it doesn’t load quickly enough and the more amount of time it takes to load, the less it is likely to diverge traffic towards the website.

Bounce rates increase by 50% if your website takes 2 seconds extra to load. After a 3-second loading time, 40% of users will back out of the site.

If you want to know what exactly is slowing down your website, you also need to know that there could be numerous possibilities, while using a free website, the fancy themes and extra plugins might drastically slow down your site.

Large image sizes added to the site, embedded videos, inadequate web hosting server, external scripts could aid in your website lagging.

What could be done to avoid these are:

You could choose the right format and compress your images, eliminate heavy plugins, diving into the website platform to investigate more technical and code-related issues.

Oh!! Technicalities!!

Not to worry. UNIBASK, educative website development, and website design company, has professionals, solely dedicated to making the user experience much better.

Consider your mobile and tablet users

The major thing that is off-putting for a website alongside lagging and loading time is the incompatibility when it comes to accessing through different devices.

Surgery shows that most websites , about 71% of them are actually build to be laptop or desktop compatible and in most cases when tried to access through a phone, the website would crash immediately.

Keeping in mind, that about 84% of the users tend to use their phones for searching a website, it should be compatible both horizontally and vertically.

Not everybody is likely to be using the same device for accessing your website and when that happens, if you make a website that is comptible for mobile only, then it will stretch out in an iPad or laptop , which will disorient your whole website resulting into a blunder.

That is when you need responsive website.

Check out our blog on responsive website essentiality.

The responsive website will help ease your job. You will only need to design one website, which will, in turn, be compatible for all devices. Tough job?

Leave the headache to us. Just focus on your needs for your website and we will accomplish all your dreams for you, here at UNIBASK.  Website development and website designing is what we specialize in. Your need will be our first priority.

Whaaat, a scannable website?

Let’s be honest, we know it’s been a while since you’ve actually read every nitty gritty details of a website, and that’s absolutely natural.

If we had to guess, we’d say it’s probably been a while. That’s because the average website visitor only has time to read 28% of any given webpage, although in practice, only about 20% of your content makes it through.

The target is to realize that the audience is in a hurry and we are here to provide great user experience on the site, all we need to do for that, is to make sure that we provide what you are looking for, and we do that fast.

But how do you determine what the visitors are looking for?

Don’t worry, we , people at UNIBASK,are here to carry the load of that.

Simplify your message

Simplifying your message will serve two purposes. It will keep your visitors and potential customers satiated and informed at all times whilst your effort would be to compress your message yet be informative enough so that your customers are well informed and you do not leave them clueless about your business and how to access your website.

Well, all that is a lot of work, and all you need to do is rely on us.

We, at UNIBASK prioritize your work like the only project we are committed to at that point of time.

We are a Kolkata based web design and web development agency that works with utmost compassion to help you promote and manage your business.

You are just a click away. Come experience luxurious service from our people at Unibask.

What does user experience mean?

User experience (UX) is the art of planning a product’s design so that interactions with the completed product will be excellent.User experience (UX) put emphasis on having a deep understanding of users.User experience has many dimensions to improve the quality of the user’s interaction.

What is meant by Website design?

Website design is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and arranging content.Effective website design is necessary to communicate ideas.Website design is one of the important factor in whether a user visiting the site converts to the customer.

What is included in website design?

Elements of Excellent Website Design:-
a) Site Structure
b) Brief about Goals.
c) Unique Pages
d) CTAs, taglines and slides for homepage.
e) Content Audit and Analysis.
f) SEO
g) Use of theme

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