Custom Website Development

How about a website that embodies your brand and attracts more customers? Custom website development is the only approach you should settle for. Get in touch with the best website development company in Kolkata.

Website development company in Kolkata
Unibask Technologies - website development company in Kolkata

Say no-no to pre-made themes & and templates!

Mindblowing designs? Just child's play for us!

Create a website that matches your vision, with custom development. Get full control over design, performance, and functionality.

Always prefer a website that fits your unique objectives.

At Unibask, we offer custom website development services that are designed to cater to your brand mindset with absolute flexibility. Whether it’s a simple landing page, a complex e-commerce site, or anything in between, our squad can build it for you with perfection.

what you get

Elements that dictate our web development process

Our team puts all of our time and energy into creating stunning and responsive designs that implement the latest trends and best practices. No matter the device or browser, your website will look incredible.

Out website development company uses top-of-the-line web technologies and frameworks while following agile methodology and coding standards to bring your website to life. Our rigorous testing ensures a bug-free launch!

Improve your website’s loading time, user experience, and SEO ranking with our expert optimization techniques. Trust us to use various plugins to get the job done right.

Keep your website performing at its best! Our support and maintenance team will monitor your site’s security and functionality, and upgrade it regularly with new features, blogs, and enhancements.

Creating Success

Why should brands collaborate with us?

Proficiency Across Niches

Our team has years of experience in developing custom websites for various industries and niches, from startups to established brands. We understand what works and what doesn't in the online world.

Out-of-the-box Creativity

Our team never settles for imitation. We apply creative thinking and unique ideas to every project, aligned with your brand and audience.

Transparent Communication

We keep you involved in your project every step of the way. Your input is valued and acted upon, while progress updates keep you in the loop.


Frequently asked questions

Attract unlimited leads with an enticing, funnel-like website!

If you want to set your business apart, custom website development is key! With tailor-made websites, businesses can design, code, test, and launch distinct and fast-paced sites that suit their specific visions. Not only does it enhance online presence and conversions, but it also makes you stand out from the competition.

As the best website development company in Kolkata, our process goes through four crucial phases, namely: discovery, design, development, and deployment. Firstly, we carefully analyze your business objectives, target audience, competitors, and online presence in the discovery phase. In the design phase, we work closely with you to create prototypes of your website that match your preferences. Using the latest web technologies and frameworks in the development phase, we then proceed to code your website. Finally, we ensure your website goes live on a trustworthy hosting platform during the deployment phase.

A custom website is an online reflection of your brand, showcasing products/services, communicating value, engaging visitors, generating leads/sales, and building trust as well as credibility.

If you’re aiming to establish an authentic and distinguishable online presence for your brand, custom website development is the way to go. Moreover, it’s the best choice when you require features that templates and themes cannot provide.