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Your brand’s face is your logo. The first thing people see when encountering your business. A visual representation of identity, values, and personality that can make a lasting impression, attract customers, and build trust. Ensure it’s a good one!

Logo Design Services
Unibask Technologies

Your brand is useless without a logo!

We are equally passionate about your offerings

As a creative logo design service provider, we don’t stop with just the logo; we elevate your entire brand based on your mission, outlook, and propositions – whether it’s for a new venture or a re brand.

A logo doesn't sell, it identifies

Need a logo that breathes pure aesthetics? Unibask provides logo design services to suit your vision, goals, and industry.

what you get

This is what our Logo Design Service comprises

We realize the importance of a simple logo. Our designs are not just easy to recognize and remember, but also adaptable across various mediums. Our logos strike the perfect balance between minimalism and elegance, ensuring your brand’s message is effortlessly communicated.

Your brand’s logo should be relevant, distinctive, and memorable. It conveys your brand’s personality, tone, and values while avoiding confusion with other brands. Our logo designs strike the perfect balance between convenience and creativity, originality and practicality. We don’t do generic or weird – just logos that make sense for your brand’s industry, niche, and psychographics.

A logo that stands the test of time is durable and lasting. It retains its appeal and meaning for years; and can evolve with your brand’s growth.

A well-balanced logo creates harmony and proportion between its elements, making it visually pleasing and easy to read. This sense of coherence also ensures that the logo maintains its quality across different uses and circumstances.

Creating Success

Why should brands collaborate with us?

Responsible Consultation

We attentively listen to your needs, preferences, and expectations. We learn about your brand's story, mission, and target audience.

Outstanding Quality

Utilizing the latest design apps and plugins, we guarantee accuracy and precision. Our compliance with the best practices and standards assures consistent, superior results.

No Hidden Expenses

Our prices are competitive and transparent, with no hidden fees. You'll receive a detailed quote that covers all deliverables.


Frequently asked questions

Magnify your brand image with an exhilarating logo!

Logo designing is essential for creating a strong brand identity and image. It can help you establish credibility, recognition, and loyalty among your customers. A logo can also help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and communicate your brand’s value proposition.

Undergo a customized logo design process with us in four stages: brainstorming, design, alteration, and final output. We listen closely to your needs, preferences, and feedback every step of the way to create a logo that appropriately reflects your requirements.

First, we conduct a thorough consultation with you to gather all the necessary information about your brand’s background, goals, and audience, as well as your preferred style, color scheme, font type, etc. Second, we create multiple logo options based on the consultation. Third, we present the logo options to you and explain the reasoning behind each one. Fourth, we refine and revise the logo based on your valuable feedback. Finally, we deliver the final logo in various file types and sizes along with a comprehensive guide that explains how to use it effectively.

Knowing when to introduce a logo can make or break your brand. Timing matters- consider introducing it when launching a new brand, re branding, or refreshing your current one. An updated logo can help attract new customers and increase brand awareness, and should also be considered when you want to update your image.