Crafting Digital Magic

From years of honing our expertise, a single truth emerged: each marketing channel is a brushstroke, but the canvas of success requires a masterpiece. Thus, we craft strategies not just to fill spaces, but to compose symphonies.
Step into a realm where strategies aren’t just formulated; they’re composed. Welcome to the marketing sonata, where unity crafts opus.

Unibask is Eastern India’s most trusted Digital Marketing and Website & Application Development agency which connects growth-focused brands with their target audiences through customized digital experiences and strategies.

Our values


No illusions, no tricks. Authenticity is our guiding star in every client interaction. We promise and then perform – no deviations.


Amid a world valuing credibility as gold, we're devoted to honesty. Trust, our masterpiece, is woven with steadfast threads. We grasp trust's essence: earned through unwavering constancy.


In our realm, expertise doesn't equate to complexity. We speak plainly, unraveling intricacies. Our mission: to distill the convoluted into clarity.


In our digital domain, data is a given, but we don't just collect numbers. It's not about mere metrics; it's about tangible business evolution with every campaign.

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Company History

We’re a leader in digital solutions

From Hustling on Craigslist, to working with Billion-Dollar Companies, we didn’t get here by accident. We put in the time to work on our craft with a focus of making progress every day.
We started with only two members and today we are a team of 20+ experienced professionals working day and night to deliver our clients. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Introducing the Unibask Revenue Revolutionaries

Himadri Mondal

CTO & CO-Founder ( IIT Alumni )
5+ Years of Experience

Rupam Dutta

CEO & CO-Founder ( JIS Alumni )
5+ Years of Experience

Tools & Platforms:


Our experts harness the latest in artificial intelligence to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and drive productivity, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital age.

What truly distinguishes Unibask is our commitment to excellence. We don't settle for mediocrity; we strive for brilliance.

We believe that the journey begins where others left there customers alone. Unibask is always there for the customers to provide best live support.

At the end of the day result matters, so our dedicated team is always working to get the best result oriented solution for your business.

We, you have read it right. Our support team is always ready to help you with your project.

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