The Fundamentals of Responsive Website Development.

Despite the repeated correlation between business development is dependent on the whereabouts of responsive website development, survey clarifies about 40-50% of businesses still do not have their own websites.

This indicates that people are unaware till date about the aid website development provides to the outreach, finance and stability of a business.

If given 15 minutes to consume content, almost 66% of people would rather prefer to see something organized and aesthetically pleasing than a simpler version of it. Website development and design is an integral part of your online marketing presence and to guide you through that, UNIBASK, Kolkata’s most profound website development and web designing company.

Evolution is the sole key of sustenance. In totality, for the development of marketing influence of the business concerned, website development and website designing is supposed to be the soul of it all.

Say, for example, AMAZON, a sole website based company that has stakes up its sleeve that worth millions of dollars. With so much competition around AMAZON, it has been standing it’s ground for majorly 18 years now which was only possible with adequate input in developing and interactive website. The quick response policy, providing services as claimed, building a customer-interface bond that helps in the growth and stabilization of a dedicated set of customers we’re only possible with the help of a well developed interactive website.

To go down this road of achieving a huge dedicated customer base and sporadically shooting the business stakes, ask UNIBASK. It is a kolkata based web design and development company that helps you solve the mystery of a successful business.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on devices and window screen sizes, mostly compatible ones, like mobiles.

Web pages can be viewed using various devices, such as desktops, tablets and phones. The concern is to keep the viewing flow smooth, without any hindrance, regardless of the device in concern. In simpler words, it helps in formulating the view of the website, and to make it look good on all kinds of platform, mostly making it user friendly and compatible.

Why do you need a responsive website for the progress of your business?

Because responsive design is mobile-friendly, it helps increase the viability on search engines which in turn can direct more potential customers to your website.

responsive website

Advantages of having a responsive website for your business

A responsive website will deliver the best user friendly experience irrespective of the device concerned and has many other advantages, alongside.

To reassure oneself about the opportunities that tag along with developing an interactive web design for your business, UNIBASK, a web development and web design company based in Kolkata, has come up with insights that might help in decision making. Some of the insights are as follows.

Increases the engagement and response of audience.

Your audience will access your website from a variety of different devices. Responsive design will accommodate them, function with smoothness and make it effective for the user, which will entitle them to keep coming back for the user-friendly and device-friendly interface.

Easier to monitor analytics

If you have separate websites for different devices, it essentially means that there is a requirement for keeping tabs on two different ventures combined, whereas, when it concerns a responsive website is just one website, which means your job is halfway done, since your analytics are just one source of information.

 Easier maintenance

Again, multiple websites for multiple devices mean any changes needs to be made across all of them, irrespective of minor bugs or irreparable damages. When it comes to a responsive website, it is much easier since it is  supposedly a single platform

responsive website

Boost for SEO

Marketing your business is obviously crucial for you to be profound and SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, guide potential customers to it, to enhance engagement.

Almost all search engines are now preferring responsive websites for promotion, in order to keep the tally easy.

Consistency in design and brand

Customization and reconstruction of websites can be done on traditional web design and mobile friendly web design, bit it will almost never be the same, and there is a deveint chance of you liking both at the same time. What happens in a responsive website is that, it keeps the customized design consistent through out the website, irrespective of the device in consideration. 

Lower bounce rates

Nobody wants to take chances with a new business, never mostly when it concerns bringing in potential customers. The potential customers would not appreciate putting with a slow, unorganized website when competitors are offering much convenient options. If your website isn’t compatible with the device they are using or isn’t user friendly, then there is a possible chance they would choose your competitors over you. Your audience does not want to wait around; they want solutions and answers quickly and easily.

A responsive website will make that easy for you, it will reduce the bounce rate with fast loading, easy to use navigation and clear call-to-actions.

Improved conversion rates

As a responsive website is the best option for your web design needs as it delivers the best user-experience, and that is what either drives in or drives away potential customers. In turn, they are the ones forming the basis of the company.

A responsive website will increase sales as it will work on the area of expertise, help in overcoming geographical hindrances and possibly increase the interactive response between customers hence building a foundation solely based on trust and response intimidation.

Responsive web design is the way forward. The potential of a business is truly dependent of the response of the marketing strategies assigned. To overcome these hindrances, UNIBASK ,

  Kolkata based website development and design company is here with smarter solutions.

Some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between website design and website development?

Both refer to the aesthetic portion and usability of the website. With the help of several designing tools, web designers create the layout and other visual parts of the website. Web Developers make a site operational from the design by using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages.

What makes an attractive and unique website?

Top 9 Features which makes the website attractive and unique.:
a) Easy navigation.
b) Relevant content.
c) Product Descriptions.
d) Authoritative Content.
e) Business and Contact Information.
f) Security
g) Social Media Integration.
h) Mobile-Friendly.
i) Hosting.

What is the purpose and advantage of a website?

Purpose and Advantages of a website:
a) Website turns your visitors into prospects and hence more sales.
b) Website helps you in gaining a competitive advantage in the industry.
c) Website enhances your professional brand.
d) Websites improve your customer service.

What is the different type of websites?

8 types of websites:
a)Landing pages.
b)Social media websites.
c)Directory and contact pages.
d)eCommerce Website.
e)Business Website.
f)Entertainment Website.
g)Portfolio Website.
h)Media Website.

What is the website development process?

A complete process from designing the layout of the website to reviewing and launching of the website. 7 Steps in website development process:
a) Study the goals and target audience.
b) Brainstorming on the purpose.
c) Designing the website’s Layout.
d) Finalizing the content.
e) Coding
f) Testing and Launching.
g) Regualr updation of the website.

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