How to make your website more impactful ?

In this “age of the internet”, the abundance of commonality is this that, nobody ever leaves the internet per se, but is in denial of spending an extra minute on things that do not attract them in the first place. The first impression either makes it or breaks it and the damage it may cause could be irreparable or unalterable. To avoid that, the first thing a person with a motive of outgrowing their business should do is to invest in a impactful website.

Your website must be a mirror image of your business. It is supposed to reflect every idea and purpose that you had envisioned for your business. It should literally be a digital representation of your motives and priorities, with an idea for a higher influx of potential customers. People buy what they see, what pleases their aesthetics. To do so, an investment for a good website is a must, and to solve all your website related queries and troubles, there is a one-stop solution, UNIBASK, a Kolkata based website development and design company, to make your website as envisioned.

When it comes to small business marketing, a great website can be one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing channels out there. Here’s how you can create a visually appealing website that represents your business in a unique way way,  which in turn will make a pact on the whole influx of potential customers, hence impacting into making a strong customer base.

No hotchpotch

Keeping the design simple, fresh, unique and advocative. The first and the foremost problem most website don’t acknowledge is the first impression it leaves behind has a greater impact than any other query solving attitude presented later on. Making sure the homepage answers the critical questions new visitors ,who could be potential customers will be asking, including who you are or what your business envisions and what can they do on your website. Considering the impression you want to make as the proprieter and the message you want to convey to your customers and potential customers could be really helpful. The trick is not to overload your homepage.

Interactive and Impactful website to the rescue.

Optimization is key. All you could keep in mind is to not forget that the visitors and potential customers could use all kinds of interfaces to locate your website and the discomfort or friction they might experience when operating a website only compatible for a desktop user on a mobile phone could be off-putting. An Impactful website is your answer. Making the website compatible for any device with the same design and envision will help communicate enough to the visitors to make them understand your motive.

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Envision what has to go on the website, what is that you are selling or marketing, what is your agenda to do so. The pictures put up should be crystal clear to provide a hassle free communication with the customers. What they see is what gets sold, so if the envision is not clear, the website will ultimately fail to provide any sort of connection between the company and the potential customer.

Site loads!! Uggghhh!!.

What affects people the most, when they try to check a website out, the blurry pictures? The unorganized information? No, even before reaching them, the first thing that affects the functioning of the website is at the speed at which it opens. The slower the website, the likelier it is to drive the potential customers away. Making sure that you audit your site’s performance on a regular basis by checking load times, site speed, correct formatting and continuity with the text and images, could be of greater help in running the website with utmost smoothness.

Sites easy accessibility, inclusiveness and consideration.

 Considering that people with certain disabilities (such as color blindness) will visit your site, so planning your design accordingly could help your website be more inclusive and considerate. Also considering how people with slower Internet connections and certain other internet restrictions will also be viewing your site and what could be done to improve their experience of doing so, will help your website be the talk of the town.

The organization is the key when it comes to site management. Also keeping in mind that when your prospective customers visit your site, they’re typically looking for specific information and are unlikely to be reading certain descriptive details, instead would skim onto the next page as quickly as possible. A well-structured site that presents information in an orderly and organized way will be much more successful than one that appears chaotic, non-informative or that is not intuitively arranged.

Content is critical in an Impactful Website.

What is more distracting and likely to turn away visitors like blurry unclear images? Poorly written content.

The importance of well-written headlines and catchy subtitles not only helps the potential customers to understand what you have envisioned for your business, it also works well in engaging them and making them understand that you have put a lot of effort into your business.

The keys should be to keep the content fresh, non-repetitive, relatable, and current. Material consisting of information from the current scenario or the need of the hour should not be neglected.


Forgetting or neglecting search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most common mistakes while building a website.

 SEO and/or SEM campaigns can provide great leverage to small businesses and, as a result, should not be ignored. There are literally thousands of qualified professionals who can help you with this, and execute your SEO/SEM strategy, if you are in need of one, do not fear, UNIBASK is here to solve all your problems.

Creative crowdsourcing will help you get through

Crowdsourcing is the process of outsourcing tasks through an open call to a large group of workers, such as designers, writers, musicians or filmmakers. In an online creative crowdsourcing marketplace, business owners can post their creative projects and name their own price. In turn, creative providers worldwide submit their concepts and the buyer simply chooses the one they like best. The bottom line: Creative crowdsourcing a website design is quicker, less expensive, easier and offers a far greater choice of design concepts..

What website design tips do you have to build an effective site?

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What makes a high-quality and impactful website?

A high-quality website can easily convert visitors into leads and sales. High-quality websites provide clear and satisfying information for their purpose. Well Designed and Functional site reflects your company, your products, your services.

What are the key elements of a High Quality Website?

Top key elements of a high quality website:-
a) Security badges
b) Ease of navigation.
c) Page loading speed.
d) Internal and external links.
e) Relevance and context of content.
f) Contact Information

How can you tell the quality of a website?

Steps to check the quality of website:-
a) Quality of code.
b) Browser and Mobile Compatibility
c) SEO Quality
d) Accessibility of the website.

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