The Ultimate Website Development Guide

So, what is a website? What is an IP address? What does a website development site do? How could you locate the best website development site in Kolkata?

Fear not!!

UNIBASK is here to answer all your queries relating to website development.

The following article will give you the ultimate guide to website development and designing solutions in Kolkata!

Website Designing
Make your First Step Towards Digitization



Buying domain for a website isn’t quite a task, anybody can do it. To buy a domain name for the website, you need to follow up or open a domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, DreamHost, Bluehost. Although, We Recommend Hostinger for their best services & after-sales support.

Key in the domain that has to be bought and pay the fee assigned.

If there is a problem buying the domain, that could be because there could be a domain priorly bought or registered under another person or business, or does not quite bear a valid domain suffix.


It is of absolute importance that one traces or find out their IP after they have bought the domain for the website, because it is what you need to access and control the website. An IP address could be traced in various way:

it could be found by visiting a website like site 24*7.

using Command Prompt on windows / network utility > trace route on MacBooks.

type “what’s my IP address” into your search browser.


Whenever you type a website into your web browser or just search something through a search engine, HTTP supposedly provides a framework so that the client or the computer and the server can speak the same language or use the same code to respond to each other’s request on the Internet.

Using HTTP will help read the website request , the code sent back to the server and can translate it back in the form of a website.

  • BACK END OF WEBSITE (for server/developers end)
Design Process


Evolution has played an uncanny role in making our life worth sustainable enough. It all goes back to square one if Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest”; the one who adapts, survives. Over the years, certain connotations of living life in an easier way have been our only target to be achieved and in the process, we have discovered, invented, and implemented ways of convenience from the technique of preserving to promoting. From carrying a dozen paperbacks in your rucksack to carrying thousands of them in a kindle, we have come a long way and in the process of discovery,invention, and implementation, we have come across various ways promoting our work.

The recent findings and tallies have concluded that the best, convenient, a most effective, and environmentally friendly method for making business or making your work reaches a greater magnitude of the crowd is through web development or website development.

Website development, in its totality, creates a representation in the form of a website that has an amalgamation of your work, your intent, and your crowd concerned. It nullifies all the hurdles
on your way of directly contacting or interacting with your concerned customer base. This sense of personal bonding on the server’s end and the crowd’s intent and assurance on being able to contact the suppliers directly with only an interface between them helps build the trust, which turns out to be fruitful in the long run. In simple words, it creates a more assured and confident customer base.

The image or relevancy you leave behind with the page or the website you intend to have created will make or break the bond between the existing customers, the potential customers, and you, the server. It is absolutely important to have a reliable source to create a website for you in order to be able to mitigate the requirements expected and the ones that could be met.

Web development makes more and more people aware of the services or products you intent on providing or offering, which will in turn decide the group of customers you could cater to.

Website development is a tool that could decide the fate of a company, in turn, the economical graph of it and the fact about its relevancy over the years.

A website development site or company that will intent on meeting your needs while being supportive of your prospectus and respectful of your need for the development of the website is a hard find, surely is not a one day job.

To get you through with all your worries relating to website development UNIBASK will guide you through it, ticking all the boxes in your checklist.

If you are looking for a web designing company, look no further, UNIBASK is the best web development company in Kolkata.
Trying to make web development no rocket science.

Website Design



Also known as the web designer or web developer. The front end developer is responsible for creating the whole amalgamation of your intent and your products/service. They are responsible for the look, the feel, the enigma the website imparts, and maybe the reason to remember it by or revisit the website. Web designers are responsible to make your website look aesthetically pleasing, organized, and well functioning.

There are certain programming languages the front end developer generally uses, though it is not confined to the following examples.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • JQuery
  • AngularJS


Back end developers have a crucial role to play in website development. They generally handle/ deal with and maintain stuff that under the hood, that generally keeps your website running and functioning properly. A back end developer write what is called the server side code to make sure that the data supposedly flows back and forth the website without any hindrance.

Very common examples would be online websites or stores that have inbuilt transaction database. All of that works by the help of a back end developer.

The programming languages typically used are:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
  • MySQL
  • Ruby and Ruby On Rails


The full stack developers are the ultimate ones. They can develop, program or work on both front end and back end parts of the website. Full stack developers generally possess the prowess in coding in multiple programming languages .

 They generally use a little of everything

  • Website development.

Website developers are synonymous to front-end, backend, or full-stack developers. These professional developers specialize in building websites (as opposed to mobile applications, desktop software, or video games).

  • Desktop development

Desktop developers specialize in building software that are compatible for your desktop, such as Mac OS, Windows, and more.

  •  Mobile development

Mobile developers build mobile applications that are compatible for mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. These operate much differently than other websites and software programs, thus requiring a separate set of development and application formation skills

  • Game development

Game developers specialize in dictating programming code for video games, both console games (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) and mobile games. They form different types of working interface compatible for the fluidity of games.

  • Embedded development.

Embedded developers work with hardware of the interface.

  • Security development.

Security developers establish methods and procedures for the security of a software program or website. These developers mostly work as ethical hackers and build systems that discover and eradicate security risks.


  • Gather information

To make web development successful, the basic to be done is to gather information about the products to be sold or the services to be performed.

  • Planning

After you have gathered sufficient information about the business, it’s time for the creation of sitemaps and wireframe. A sitemap is made with the information collected in the first stage. The primary motive of a site map is to create a website user-friendly and create a structure of a site. A wireframe provides a visual description of a site

  • Design

Web designing is the one thing that is left behind when it comes to the remains of your website. The look, the feel and the aesthetics of it leave behind a reason of revisiting the website or remembering it for further notice.

  • Development

A web developer will use codes and programming language on the site to make it function and run smoothly. The most crucial and important part is to develop graphic designs.

  • Content writing

After the development process, the one thing that needs to be kept in mind is the content of the page. If the content isn’t engaging or relevant enough not possessing proper heading, subheadings, tags etc, then people will be unable to trace it whilst searching for relevant content.

  • Testing

Every pages and links are tested before launching the site to make sure nothing is broken.

  • Website speed
  •  Cross-browser compatibility
  • Multiple screen tests

All the necessary tests are performed on a website before launching it into the World Wide Web.

  • Maintenance

Work doesn’t quite end with the launch of a website, further services and maintainance for fixing bugs and updating interface compatibility is as essential as constructing the website.

  • Choosing CMS

There are many CMS on the internet, to choose from the given resources is a mammoths task, but once you get the CMS compatible for your working interface, working online becomes much easier.

website designing


There are many different kinds of website development resources. They could broadly be categorized as the following.


As a web developer, nothing strikes more than “free resources”. They are certainly striking and could bring to mind fun addons  bUt surprisingly, most fundamnetal building blocks for website development are generally free of a price tag.

Some cornerstones are as follows.

  • MAMP
  • GIT


Underestimating websites is a huge mistakes committed by many. Some of the most useful websites are:


Browser extensions

We browsers that we use to look up information or access the web like chrome, opera etc which can be turned into a developer tool by way of browser extensions—downloadable add-ons that bring custom features to your browser.

Some of the browser extensions are :



Applications are computer programs created to perform specific functions. They make work much more easier without cutting the bottom line.

So specific applications for web development are:

  • ITERM2


The basis of web designing and website developing company and solutions to all your problems related to them is finally here. Keeping up with the era, sorting out new solutions UNIBASK is here with all sorts of solutions for your website development problems.



A Domain name is specifically an identification string or name by which a specific application or website could be traced or registered in the first place. It is supposedly a unique name designated to a specific company for application-specific naming and addressing purposes.


Browser/ web browser is a soft application used to locate, retrieve and display content on the World Wide Web;in simple words , it is used to locate or find out certain applications or information regarding the one required , including web pages, images, videos, news , and others.


IP address or Internet protocol address s supposedly a numerical label or a set/ combination of numbers assigned specifically to each device. The main functions of an IP address are host or network interface identification and location addressing.


HTTP is an application protocol for distributed ,collaborative, hypermedia, information systems. In simple words , it is the foundation or basic system for data communication or finding information on the World Wide Web.


Coding in simple words could be described as a list or set of step-by-step procedures, creating computer software, games, apps, websites, and a lot more. People who write programs based on coding are known as coders or programmers


There are supposed to be two major ends or sides of a domain. The front end or the client side and the back end or the server side. The front end web developer is mostly responsible for implementing visual aids and elements that users see as well as interact with in a web application, where as back end developers use or create the coding language that operates and communicates the database information to the browser .


Also known as HTML , it is a standard markup language ,or a set of markup symbols and codes, which are inserted into a file intended for display on the web browser or the internet.


Cascading Style Sheets also known as CSS is a simple mechanism adding style like fonts, colors, spacing, etc to web documents. It describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on the screen, paper, or other media.


Stack overflow , in a software, mostly happens or occurs if the stack pointer exceeds the stack bound. A stack pointer is a small register that records the last programmed used / requested in a stack. Stack is a specialized buffer  which stores data from top to down.

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