TurtlePic – Making Memories Shareable

So, TurtlePic, these awesome folks who capture moments at events, came to us with a cool idea. Their technology enabled them to share event photos Instantly with everyone who attended these shindigs. Now, They wanted a comprehensive website design (UI+UX+Teachnology).The twist? They needed a slick design on Figma and then made that look real on a live website.

About TurtlePic - Uniting Memories

You know how event photos usually end up in dusty old drawers? Or worse, they get lost? TurtlePic decided it was time to change that. They believe every pixel in a photo adds to a memorable event. Their motto? “Share the happiness!” They’re all about spreading the joy of events with everyone who was there.

The challenge

TurtlePic wanted to turn their dream into a website. They needed a Website design that represents their AI-powered sharing platform. We needed to design this on Figma, and then make it real on a live website &hosted on AWS.

Services Used:

  1. UI Design on Figma: First, we played around with Figma. We designed a cool, easy-to-use interface. Think of it as the front cover of a super cool photo album.
  2. WordPress Website Development: Then, we turned this design into a real website. A website where all those cool event photos could be seen by anyone who was there.
  3. AWS Hosting: To make sure this website runs super smooth, we used AWS as the place to keep it. It’s like a super secure and super-fast online home for the website.
things that matters

Business Impact

  • Happy Users: With the new website, TurtlePic’s users are happier than ever. They can easily see and share their event memories with friends and family.
  • More Fun: People love looking at event photos. By making them easy to access, TurtlePic has made events even more enjoyable.
  • No More Hassles: With everything automated, TurtlePic doesn’t have to worry about handling tons of photos. They can focus on making events memorable.
  • Cool Reputation: TurtlePic is now known for making events extra special. They’ve become the go-to people for hassle-free, fun events.
  • Big or Small: Thanks to AWS, TurtlePic’s website can handle any event, whether it’s a cozy wedding or a massive marathon.

In a nutshell, TurtlePic’s idea turned into an amazing reality. We designed their dream on Figma and brought it to life. Now, TurtlePic isn’t just about photos; they’re all about spreading happiness, one click at a time. 📸✨

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